c: eeeee me like this so much from my sis catty of the fam of Pokemon QvQ YEY anyway I thought I would suck at drawing Pokemon but, I guess not and I you can see the little hair on top are peeps that are in the fam c: okie so I'll explain in the rules so let's go to them! ((And this whole idea was from Catty_Blyeberrys my sis and her friend " gone,, nani?????! " ))BTW so Much "CHU'S"

* Raichu - Catty_Blyeberrys \Sis
* Alolan Raichu - Me c:
* Pichu - 🔺 cat.dreamer™ 🔻 \Other smol sis
* Pikachu - gone,, nani?????!
* Do not take it as your wallpaper! Do not steal or copy! Cause you'll regret that qwq+
* Give dat of your a fan a Pokemon! :D or if Chu like the drawing, or a and thank Chu for that!

Edit: OMG THANK U FOR THE THE FEATURE!!! - http://app.sketchclub.com/group/pika-fam QvQ omg 4th feature eeeeee

Thanks for the hearts!:
💙 💜 L I L Y 💜 💙
🔺 cat.dreamer™ 🔻
gone,, nani?????!
Thank you peeps for understanding uwu have a good day and night!

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