Species name: LoreK

Semi open species. LoreK with normal features can be made at any time (normal LoreK are considered to have only the traits on this ref sheet.) special LoreK may only be adopted or bought

Type: mammal

Hight: 2-3ft

Weight: 20+ pounds

Diet: fish, plants, and fruit. Many LoreK like one food type over another, so will mostly eat that food

Temperament: Wild LoreK are skittish and run away at the slightest noise. Domestic LoreK are more calm and will get frightened less easily

Flight, fight, or freeze response: LoreK normally will flight when threatened or scared. A nursing LoreK will protect her cubs to her death. If an enemy is scary enough, a LoreK will freeze. When freezing, a LoreK will crouch low and cover its body and part of its face with its tail. It will leave its eyes exposed to watch the predator. LoreK have strong back legs for when it can't escape from a predator, it will kick at the enemy as a last resort.

Pelt: LoreK are naturally fluffy and can have feathers on their back legs like some horses. In the winter LoreK grow very thick coats. LoreK can be any color. Their hooves normally are a bright color or gradient.

Eyes: LoreK do not have a black pupil. Their pupil matches the color of there iris. All LoreK scleras are black. LoreK may have any color iris

Breeding: LoreK breed during winter, and have their Cubs 4 months later. These Cubs are hairless, weak, blind, and deff. Cubs will be cared for and fed by there mothers for about 6 months, then will be made to live on there own.

Tails: LoreK tails are fluffy and used to cover their faces wile then sleep in the cold.

I'm bringing back LoreK! As well as some of my other species. This ref sheet will probably be one of a few to be re-done.

If you have any questions about the species, please feel free to comment or message me ^_^

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