Yay!!! I'm happy with my new REF sheet OwO Do chu like it??? Also, Imma make boy preview REF Soon, So yeh

Name: Preview
Nick: Pre
Gender: Both
S/O: Likes boys and girls
Species: Fusion
Main power: Water & Fire
What's he/She's good at: Being lazy lol
Likes: Foooood, cats, Dogs, the sea
Dislikes: Bullies, being mad, showing off
Backstory: Is a fusion of a brother and sister (Aqua and Flame)
Secrets: ........ Nope.......
Crush: Kaimai
Taken: Not yeeeettttt OwO

Plz bop dat if chu like my art!
Preview is owned by me no steal plz
I have a downloadable sketch for the REF sheet if chu wanna use

~Gracias Rosies!

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