Ok so funny thing where this dude came from. I wasnt gon make him an oc but friends at school said i should. In my japanese class, i was drawing, and i started drawing toothless, but i made his head too round. My friends said he was adorable, and we named him spook.
So i added stuff

Name: Spook
Creature Type: Unknown shapeshifter
Form: Natural forms
Prefered Forms: Ferret, Snek, Cat.
Reason for mask: Spook was called creepy and nobody liked him, (before he had mask), so he made a mask and wears it always, because he fears that nobody will like him if he takes it off
Backstory?: Spook is a demon, a ghost demon. He gains aa physical form on halloween, only then can he be killed. He is supposed to curse people, but is rlly bad at it.
Powers: Teleportation, Telepathy, World Jumping.
World Jumping: Spook can jump through different dimensions, supposedly he does so to curse people, but he has never succeeded.
Chameleon: Spook has chameleon like powers. He can change his physical color easily, to blend in.
Size: Soopr toll. Like imagine a bit bigger than toothless.=20
Standing up on hind legs:
11' toll
All fours:
6' toll

Id love some fanart. U can litteraly draw him with whatever palette u want, but he has vrry simple designs n colors. No neon lol.
Expect to see more of this masked demon chuld.

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