alrighty so now here we have my old Oc- that I updated it since before uvu and well ovo I hope Chu guys will love her! She's my old rp Oc QvQ I had for like 3 years in secret so now here she isn't! And now hers her info!- but before you read the info, 1. Do not copy my new Oc or my other Ocs! 2. Don't steal her qwq she's mine EEE and always will be- alrighty now u can continue Reading for the info!

Name: Willow
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Age: 210=Demon age//For short//Normal=21
Height: Feral=5,3 (( Anthro= 6,1
Species: Cat/Demon
Fam: 1 Older Twin Brother //is coming eve//
shippable: Yes definitely!
Crush: Brooklyn - Owned By catiiwi
Taken: Yesh c^:
Likes: Alcohol drinks,Dark colors,Male's and female's,Prey,Blood,Night time,Dark Places,Forests,Demons,accessories,jewelry,Gems,kisses,pervs,milk,dresses,Roses ((any kind)) Killing her prey,hugs,attention,gothic

Hate's: Sweets,bugs,Children/baby's -10 and down,pranks,being annoyed,Hurting her friends/or her crush

Attitude: Flirty,kind,being sexy :^3
Voice: :^)

Proxys: --I'll get them soon eve--

Weakness: Children,Loosing Her true Love,Loosing Her Older Twin Brother

* Oc I own!
* Do not steal//copy//trace or claim my Ocs! qwq#
* If you're going to do fan art please Credit me!
* Give that or a for my art and tysm for that!

Well that's it uvu ty for understanding and have a good day!

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