yOH I mentioned it before bUT HERE IT IS oWo The KAWAII sad loafs :0 Owned By Jaimie and Me so don't copy it or we will kill you-YE ONTO THE STUFFS

The Loafs can have different features, like different emotions (so they aren't always sad loafs c: ). They have different themes : Candy Gore, Gore, Food, etc. I mean a loaf can even be a cake-- or an ICECREAM cake :00

ANYWAYS- They can have different accessories! The ones in the ref are just examples so you don't just choose those :3 The loafs can have sunglasses or whatever

They eat : Mainly sweets, like frosting and whatnot.
Life Span: Immortal >:3 well they can get rotten if not taken care of and if all their insides flood out after being cut or eatEN DONT EAT THE BABIES
If a loaf gets cut anywhere, you can refill them with jam (fOR DA JAM LOAFS) or whatever they were made of and you put them back together with frosting c: but they will get fragile so they can break apart easier so that sucks.

Okie so me n Jaimie will be taking 6 customs qwq but PLEASE remember that once you get a loaf. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO MAKE ANY MORE QWQ Each person will have ONE LOAF and CANNOT make ANY of their OCS or anyone else's OCS a loaf. It has to be fair :3 say booty sneeze if you actually read this qwq
For anyone who didn't get a custom can wait for adopts or they can be gifted one for Christmas or something vwv

1. ★Mr.Weirdfish_bear (FINISHED)
2. 🏳️‍🌈dragonwolfy🏳️‍🌈 (FINISHED)
3. 🎃🕸ŠpøøpÿKåt🕸🎃 (FINISHED)

Check out jaimies gallery to see your customs~

fresh from the oven~
4. tayl0ser (FINISHED)
5. ⚔️TheClosetCreature (FINISHED)
6. Leather*Freckle (FINISHED)

Y'all loafs are in my gallery~

fresh from the oven~

don't eat the loafs

we need some info *grabs some paper*ewe
We need
Gore: Yes/No
Theme:(can be any things :33 )
Color Pallette (ref if it's an OC):
Will you use it qwq?:
Color/Flavor of the bLOOD/jam:
Accessories (if any):
Loafs are a closed species made by ❥ʝʌɱɪɪєƥøƥ and JazzyKins (aka mEEE :3) you do not have permission to recreate the loafs or make your own(kinda the same but ok)


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