OhEm Gee

Hello PšŸ˜” I'm sorry for not being able to finish this for you to see, this took so long but you've always been so patient with me. I have no idea how I was able to finish this today, maybe you helped me. It looks unfinished still and messy, but life's been like that sometimes anyway, I'm sure you wouldn't mind. I'm sorry for the wasted time when we should have talked and shared more. I'm sorry that you had to leave early, who would have thought, not me most especially. But I want to say thank you for the time and friendship especially when we both needed someone to listen and understand and we always ended those days stress-free, you unselfishly gave a lot. You are an amazing and a very real person, an outstanding artist and a perfect friend, thank you for being you. I'll see you someday in a place where pain does not exist.ā¤ļøšŸ•Š

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