Okie okie c^: I have updated my bby Ollie! Btw Ima fix some refs so yee 1 more coming uwu okie now for the info!

Name: Ollie
Species/Animal: Bird - Cockatiel
Gender: Male
SO: Bi
Age: 21 eve
Shippable: No
Taken: Yes
Crush: Wine ( ★Mr.Weirdfish_bear Owns "Wine"))
Attitude: Kind,Grumpy at times
Theme/Voice song: https://youtu.be/ZSWSBXAR0LM
Power: Fire //he's learning how to use it//
Likes: Any kind of seeds,Rain,Forest,Summer,Friends,Party's,nature,Horror movies,Whistling,flying,Tall places,Warmth,flowers,Pranking at times,helping others, //likes Beer a little - secretly// darkness,stormy nights

Hate's: annoying people,Hurting his friends and his loved one,Bothering him,Shots/Needles,getting tickled,seeing his family,Depression,Enemy's, people Bragging,crying,sweets - ((sometimes he hates candy))

Edit: Btw that big dark red dot on the right side of him it's his blood c: I forgot to put that to ^^"

* Oc I own!
* DO NOT Steal//Copy//trace or claim! Or get inspired
* if your going to do fan art PLEASE credit me!
* give that or a and tysm for that!

Well that's it! UvU hope ya guys like and ty for understanding now have a good day and night!

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