uvu here is me! Me myself and I! perfect ahem anyway I hope ya guys like it! QVQ I'm gonna make myself as my 2 Main Oc uvu okie now read My info!

Name: J (( my real name is classified ))
Age: 13 ((Irl age))
Gender: Female
Species: Pomeranian mix with German Sherperd // Human to
SO: hella straight
Shippable: Hell YE I'm shippable c:
Taken: Nah
Crush: not yet eve
Weakness: tickling
Likes: Being lazy,Kind to others,LOVES spicy Hot sauces, Hot Cheetos,Drawing,singing,dancing,party's,sleepovers,being geeky asf,Funny as hell,weird,Casual Clothes,shade,music,Animals,Fluffy animals/stuff,Action movies,Boys,sweets,Mexican food

Edit: btw the blood is the color of my glasses c^:

Hate's: Horror movies,shots,Killing,hurting her friends and family,animals dying,deaths,depression,crying,Sea Food,Liars,Stealers,annoying people,jumpscares, taking off her glasses

Attitude: Kind,Funny,angery ((at times))
Friends: Jam,Ollie,aidyn,Willow //more uvu//

* Oc I own! (( I own myself ))
* Do Not Steal//Copy//trace or claim!!
* If you're going to do fan art PLEASE Credit me!
* Ty for a or a and tysm for that!

Well that's it c^: Hope ya guys like me and the art of course anyway ty for understanding and have a good day and night!

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