is this good enough to enter in the compo
i realised that was a thing after i started the drawing but idk if this works
i mean it does but idk if theres a different love related thing i should draw for it

also i had a dream abt dogs and now im obsessing over them again help
it sucked bc it was one of those vivid dreams where u wake up like "yea that happened!!" then u realise "wait no,"
i havent seen a dog in front of me for like a year
i also like cats buut im rly allergic to them
but yea i had this one month last year when i was researching border terriers way too much even though i know my mom is rly against pets :,)
i dont even want one just bc i like dogs,, theyd probably help me actually go outside more which i need to do
also i think i read somewhere that they make u happier but idk
whenever i wake up i think about all the dogs im never gonna see and i Cry inside
also ferrets,

edit: i forgot abt my username thing and i saw it and i freaked out for a sec hgfgvf

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