I've been curious about what Batman piece I'd make. After all the times seein' awesome Batman art from others here in SC including ones from the amazing Dr. G, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. So I tried to come up with my own Batman that looks sorta-inspired by Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean, and with my rough alternate backstory of a less-rich-more-blue-collar Bruce Wayne living in an industrial neighborhood in Gotham. After losing his parents he's taken in by Alfred Pennyworth, a wealthy and retired military operative, and I think you kinda get the idea from there. I honestly don't know if that type of incarnation has already been done before (Probably has), but the reason for Batman comin' from a blue-collar background came from a thought I had: What if it's hard for me to believe nowadays a wealthy person could do such things that Batman could? I think it's one way for the character to not only be more relatable but in a way symbolic to a thought that everyday Joes and Janes should rely a li'l more on themselves and each other to make a better future, and not just on politicians. But that's just me...what do I know? I just curious to see what "my Batman" would look like.

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