okie oki gahhh I've finally finished her! YAS- and sorry for not uploading earlier! Wasn't done drawing my new Oc ^^" plus this Oc is inspired by my pet Irl dog named "Betsy" so BAM she's my Oc now UvU okie well Ima put info of her now read Peeps!

Name: Besty
Animal/Thing: Toy poodle // Robot ((that means she don't got guts and not real animal c^: ))
Age: ???
Gender: Female
SO: Bi
Shippable: NoPe
Taken: "Jazzy" Oc owned by JazzyKins
Height: Anthro - 5.1, Feral - 3.0
Weight: 130 Pounds
Attitude: Super Kind, weird at times, trys to be normal one,depressed at times

.:Fun Fact:. Her fur is hella smooth and curly but poofy

Likes: children,hanging out with people,helping out others,walking around,peacefulness,people/furrys,cute pple/things, Likes to lick peoples cheeks,- ((in a kind way!! Not wrong way PWP)) being happy,machines,weopons, Battery's,connection wires ((anything with electronics)),lasers,sunsets,robots,and making other people thinking she's real!

Dislikes: others hurting her friends,drama,demons,destruction,Normal food,Showing her depression to others around her,being alone,fights,being broken into pieces,scared of ice cubes ((SHUSH ))

* Oc I own "Betsy"!
* DO NOT Steal//Copy//Trace or Claim! Or else I'll kick some salty crackers up n here!
* If your going to do fan art!- Please Credit Me!
* Give a or a and tysm for that!

Gah ty for the heart!: QVQ

Well that's it and ty for Readin the Desc UvU means a lot and now have a wonderful day and a good night!

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