I will do traits later and they are a CLOSED species!!!

Trait sheet; http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10739836

-can be acidic or harmless
-is the face stomach and tail
-hardened goo makes up the horns and hooves/pawpads/claws
-extremely hardened goo consists of the "mask"
-when their mouth opens their goo hardens to teeth to eat
-digested food turns into goo
-they can spit acidic goo at people for defense
-their tail can drip if they want it too
-they can stash stuff in their tail if they want too
-the goo on their stomach can't drip but can be squishy and trap people in it
-the more goo they have the more comfortable they feel, also the warmer they are and are usually nicer with more goo
-can't affect other Vif's but they can't consume another's goo
-can be any color, and can consist of more than one color of goo/ a constant pattern
-can glow in dark when they want it too

-always has 4 ears
-always has ears facing down or away from the body
-they can have any kind of horns
- they can have any kind of feet
-they can have multiple limbs
-there tail can sometimes have bone poke out

-isnt really a mask
-can't come off
-is made from very hardened goo
-can open mouth
-mouth isn't noticeable when not opened
-there is eye holes and nose holes which drip goo 50-75% of the time
-the end of the "mask" is always differant (can be spikey rounded bumpy etc)
-always patterned, can be any color
-very hard kinda like a egg shell but extremely harder
-if the mask gets cracked there goo can seal it over time
-They can make there mask stronger if they cover their mask in goo again

~Female and Male~
-are usually fierce and stronger
-can still be nice but defensive
-typically smarter
-are known to eat their children if they want to
-if they do it provides more goo to them
-they have more detailed markings/patterned
-more protective
-better hunters
-not the smartest
-more duller patterns not as detailed
-like to eat other children and are defensive of Theres (so usually stops females from eating the childs)

-they are omnivores and can eat anything
-they are somewhat cannibals but will only prey on Vif's that are newborn
-there food digests in their goo and provides more goo for them
-they are mostly happy or sweeter after they eat
-they can "eat" something and not digest it and can regurgitate it and it can live

-they usually live up to 200 years
-newborns are born with no goo and aren't alive but when female Vif gives it goo it really is born, so when older Vif's eat other ones they mean ones with no goo
-older Vif's are known to drip goo a lot more to the point sometimes they slip on it

-They don't have skin their skin is bassically goo that circulates through their body
-they speak through Telepathy
-they can still smell and see

Anyway I think that's it I might add more later also I will do traits later
Hope you like their update!
This was actually my like 5th time rewriting it lmao
Also I will do adopts later :>

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