Welcome to the land of terrible shading.
I don't care that it doesn't really look right, I like the shading anyway.

This is most of my main squad. One isn't in this sketch. Two of them are nicknamed after book characters. I'll probably name the "missing" friend after a book character too, just have to find one that fits...

From left to right:
First we have Septimus, named after the main character in his favorite book series, Septimus Heap.
And next we have me, riding on Sep's back, yelling "ONWARDS!!"
And then Bluemist, who's just chillin' while watching the rest of us crazy people. She's got hot chocolate.
And lastly we have Bonnie, named after a character she reminds me of, Bonnie Silver from Dragons in our Midst.
She's chasing me and Sep because we threw snowballs at her.
And nabbed her keys again.

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