I drew this earlier this year, but I never had time to upload it until now. I'm not a huge fan of Twilight (something I may watch on tv if there's nothing else on) but I love the charcater of Alice...and I loved her hair in the 2nd & 3rd films! Ref used, zoom in! 😄

So I haven't been on in while, just surviving my first months of Uni, and commuting in 😩 and I haven't felt like drawing (or had the memory space, but that's going to change!) Missed you guys so much! 😘

Thank you so much Laura Grimes Hevlie Pili Mark Kat Wendy Sheridan Cain Shirlart OMGshellyOMG🌀 'Marco' Hilly SW Pia L MaggyC Irish Patsy Linda S Dr. G Twinee1 Colleen theForce Paco 🌙mööᏁbᎬᎪm🌟 InFiNiTy InK Quelonzia and T‍anshiArt for your wonderful hearts!! I really appreciate it! 😘💖💝

Omg!! I can't believe this got featured!! What a brilliant surprise!

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