Yes I used a base as much as I hate to but I have no idea how to draw chibi so.. anyway these are my DTAs
Dta 1: a cute Japanese styled girl
Dta 2: a Greek girl with a tunic
Dta 3: a (tried) steampunk American
Rules: no downloading, tracing, stealing; you must include information about your entry, please do it in ur own style, and have fun I suppose! You can do as many as you like but if you do all three you're only allowed to win 2 of the 3. I'll pick a due date later after some entries are added good luck
Edit: DUE DATE, January 1st (if this is inconvenient, contact me and I can push back the date)
Edit (2):
The due date will be pushed back till Cresent is able to make an entry I'm sorry to those who have already entered and r waiting for the results
Edit (3):
The due date shall be postponed till I'm ready because many people haven't turned in entries yet

Dta 1 entries:

Dta 2 entries:

Dta 3 entries:


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