Wow okay.
13 + hours to finish this.
Life well spent.
Definitely didn't do all of this for a friend.
Nope, definitely not. I just wasted 13 hours of my time for this instead of submitting something for a national geographic competition.
Just kidding, it was for a friend. Yes, I have friends. In fact, a few of them are actually human-
Okay anyways, yeah. Why did I do all of this for one friend?
Why not? It's not like I have anything better to do with my life than neglect my homework and sit in my room drawing for several weeks at a time.
Not gonna lie, this takes dedication. And a lack of a social life.
Well, time to go waste time on something else.

I didn't know this got featured because my parents had my ipad for the entire week but ok.
I'm surprised this even got featured because it went pretty unnoticed until about 15 days after I uploaded it.
But hey, I guess this came right when I needed it to because I've been pretty upset since school started again, and not just because of the assignments. I'd just like to briefly thank all of my fans and anyone who follows my art for supporting me in the time I've been on this site. Because honestly, I'm an emotional tornado and pretty over-sensitive. I'll try my hardest to upload at least once a week. Love you all.

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