Thankyou all for making this an amazing 2016!! These are alittle appreciation sketches for some of my closest friends/pals. Sorry if you aren't included didn't have a lot of room.

From left to right, top to bottom (pictures)

Me and 🦁🎨~BlueAnimastic~🎨🦁 ❄️EmmyOwl❄️ Wildspirit

Me and BeatBoxGirrafe808

Me and touya CFsketches

Me and 🌺 Ness 🌸 CERBERUS

Me and Vin MoonBlaze

Me and Sage Leppänen seapanda02

We all may not talk a lot anymore, but you guys are part of what made 2016 great. Some of you guys are my oldest friends or my newest pals. Thankyou for getting me to 300 fans, and I hope 2017 will be just as fun!

Update 1: THANKS SO MUCH Mark FOR THE FEATURE! I'm honored

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