trying new brushes and tools

thank you fire dove and pili for the hearts!!!❤❤
thanks to the awesome hugo for the heart!❤
thanks to epic maggy for the heart!❤
thanks to the wonderful Hawaiian misty pam for the heart!! ❤
and to twinee! thank you toooooo!❤
thank you to the fabulous winddancer for the heart!!❤
to a new friend urbent, thank you for sharing a precious heart!❤
and cee… awww thank you so very much for a heart!❤
thanks to the awesome shirlart for the heart❤
and marcia wegman! sweet! thank you❤
thank you sweet joy for a precious heart! ❤
thanks to a new friend and fan georgia lee for the heart!!❤
thanks to hilly for giving a heart!! that made 14 and avoided having 13!! thank you!!❤
a very special thank you to my best friend mimi … the one that encouraged me to sketch club! thanks for your support and heartfelt heart! ❤
thanks to newt who contributed a heart! thank you!❤
char!! thank you so very much for a wonderful heart!❤
thank you to for a gift of a heart!❤
thanks to my new friend the force for the generous gift of a heart!❤
thanks to the super talented wendy for the heart!❤
thanks to fran500 for a wonderful heart!❤
thanks to the supportive neocapt for the gift of a heart!!❤
thank you so much for keeping me active!! lol

thanks so much sketch club for the feature!! im so honored and humbled!! im so happy!!!

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