QVQ I forgot to upload this yesterday- WOOPS- anyway woaH a redraw- pfft I never did them till Now also I got Inspartion from JazzyKins so yesH here some credit!, and also 0v0;; woah- ive improved- geez it's weird to look back at your old drawing and that old drawing of mine was the first Feature QvQ hnn good times ay anywho~ here the Rulez!

+ Oc I own "Jam"!
+ Do NOT Steal//Copy//Trace//Repost Or Claim!!
+ Please Do Give A or a to see more art from me and tysm for that peeps!

Old Artwork " I Love You " - http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10663603

Tysm for the heart!:
Northern_Lightz ✨
wanĸмawa the ṃѧɢє

EDIt: OH MY- QVQ FF TYSM FOR THE FEATURE!!- this just made my day!! Oml tysm ilysm guys!!

Well that's it UvU hope ya guys enjoyed it and have a good day and good night!

Also I can never have to much pink in one drawing~ piNk IS MINE HISS

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