" p l e a s e h e l p. "

Yahoo! Finished it up . I think that this would be a rad compo, drawing something emerging from your screen (can be the uploaded screen as mine shows, drawing canvas). Just a thought.

I changed a fair amount of things on here. The glops, battery, time, title, etc. But it was fun, worth it.

I might post a clean, edited version of how I did my screen if anybody would like to use it.

//EDIT: oh goodness, a feature AND compo!? thank you so much! My first feature and compo in a day, overjoyed!!! I saw the compo this morning and didn't comprehend from being groggy, but the realization hit me . Then I was showing my friend the compo and was hit with the feature!!!! Thank you all!!

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4,702 glops
Created with an iPad Air
Uploaded 2017-01-16 17:09:59.740830
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Tagged dark, invite, ipad
Invite for Through the Screen compo

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