Hmn I'm starting to post more- QvQ idk why I'm in the zoNe /)pVp/) okay anywho~~ YAASS I've been working on the refs especially my fursona -V- bc bOi its 2017, and I'm working On the refs for some of my Ocs that need re-design andd New Ref sheets, so YE- QVQ I'm also Inlove with the hairr- hhhh I made it to pretty- woOPs- and new pfP bc YES- ahem anyway Hope ya like it peeps! And here the Rulez :,>

+ Oc I own "Jam"!
+ Do NOT! Steal//Copy//Trace//Repost Or Claim!!

+ Please Do Give A or a to see more art from me and tysm for that peeps!

Ty for the heart!:

EDIT: o H- wait Oml another feature?! Holy aaaa TysM!! QVQ so happy rN- And ty you to Peeps!!

Well that's it UvU hope ya guys enjoyed it and have a good day and good night!

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