If you like lies, bigotry, racism, mysogeny, fear and hate mongering, xenophobia,homophobia, sexism, fascism, no health care, street riots, terrible relations with other countries ( in fact, more than half of America!), polluted skies, polluted waters, continuing climate change, a world of hate, another World War, an all old, all white, all male government that would like to take minorities and women right back to the 1950's.

I'm not one to use my art for political reasons, however, I like the USA I've known my entire 59 years of life. A country that welcomes the oppressed and weak, and gives those people a chance of a hopeful life that comes along with freedom.
I'm about to lose my health insurance ( prexisting health conditions), my Democracy, my Liberty, and my Freedom. I'm not going down without a fight.
PS didn't complete this in time for the Monsters in Every day life Compo!!

Had to use a reference to try to capture the smirk.

Thank you so much for every like, comment and heart! I read them all, and appreciate each and everyone.

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