JFc I'm sooo tired ~w~ hhhhhhhh- anyway yayyyy the 2nd ref I finished her god damn ref.. Sorry just exhausted of drawing and sitting for 3 houRs mY gOd QVQ anywho ehh here is heR infOO WOOP!- reading timE!

Name: Harper
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
S'O: Bi
Taken: Nope
Crush: Nobody
Age: 15
Size: Anthro - 4'2 / Feral - 2'9
Power: Yandere
Shippable: YeS?? I'll be picky tho
Voice/Theme Song: https://youtu.be/9u14-QBPzSE
Attitude: ((Pertends)) Cute/Kind", Selfish/Sassy, Hostile
Like's: Girly Accessories, Weopons, Drama, Gore, Sweets, Veggies, teasing others, Crazy Peeps, Hanging Around with others, Being outside A lot, Pranking, jumping, Boys, Stalking, Being Around With a her Crush

Dislike's: Stopping The Drama, being bored, Not getting attention, anyone pulling her ears or Tail, anyone Annoying her, ((agAin)) Anyone touching Her 2 Knifes, Showing Her Tears, Anyone hurting a her Lover

+ Oc I own Harper!
+ Do NOT Steal//Copy//Trace//Repost Or Claim!!
+ Please Do Give A or a to see more art from me and tysm for that peeps!

Well that's it UvU hope ya guys enjoyed it and have a good day and good night!

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