agh this took three hours to draww

it was originally gonna have line art, but I started shading it pretty detailed so I was like eh forget the line art, this'll be realism.

also I didn't actually use that many filters on the final product, I undid a lot of them because I was just messing around

The reason I drew this is because of the dream I had last night.
It was like a trailer for a Blurryface movie, except it was Josh's Blurryface.
It was like a regular movie trailer, but I can only remember bits and pieces- one scene was Tyler in the back of a car, talking to himself, and he said, "Ever since Josh died-" but it was so horrible because his voice was shaking and I could tell it was killing him.
then it changed to the scene where Josh dies, Tyler was screaming, "Josh, don't leave me!" and pulling at his arm (as Josh was about to kill himself- don't ask)..

I have no idea why I dreamed it at all, but after Tyler was finished screaming it sort of echoed out and the part of holding onto you played where he repeats "entertain my faith" and it faded to black and I woke up saying something but I forgot what

Thank you for the hearts
Marisa F
Snow Prince
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