Ok so this is the first variation of Dewletts, I'll make the second eventually but shhh
Ok so these are aquatic lizard lemur things and this actually took me forever
This is a closed species but I'll take requests and do adoptables
For now, I'll take requests for common and uncommon Dewletts. Rare Dewletts will be OTAs and legendaries won't be available yet. I'm still trying to figure things out for legendaries. Anyways, uh, for requests, just tell me a theme for your Dewlett, a gender, and whether they're common or uncommon. If you want a specific color palette, you can send the palette to me. I also might ask for reference pictures of your theme if I'm not sure what you meant. You can also have a number of add-ons (missing limbs, candy gore, spikes, extra limbs, etc) that you can ask me to add to your Dewlett along with any accessories. If you want, I can do the entire bio and stuff for you, just ask. I'll take the first few requests for now. Also, if you do want a rare Dewlett, I'd suggest messaging me with your offer and the character information instead of commenting here.=20

Slot 1: 🏳️‍🌈dragonwolfy🏳️‍🌈
Slot 2: Micomenchi
Slot 3: Kattberry
Slot 4: Bearo🌈
Slot 5: plumioh 🐝

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