Sorry I haven't upload anything in a while ;V; I had trouble what to finish and upload and family stuff and yee- anywhoo here's what I have been planning for a long while now! And jazzy helped me so she's part of this UvU so here! Reading time! ((Ask I made a Oc from these :^> ))

Species Name: ZueVeez (Zoo-Vee-Z)
Animal: Alien Species

Customs: Closed
Adoptables: Closed

Owner: Me- ❥ʝʌɱɪɪєƥøƥ
Co-Owner: JazzyKins

They Do:
+ They have slender Bodies But Thick Legs
+ Have 6 Eyes ((their bottom and top eyes are able to see)) / 2 Claw hands in each Arm / 2 ear holes
+ Thick Legs and small ((feet)) Claws
+ half Splitted tongue
+ Their Able To Wear Human Clothes
+ Can Use Their Antennas For Hair Styling
+ can be a any binary they like or Non-Binary
+ Can Consume Food ((They Eat Anything)) From Their Stomach's
+ learn to speak languages to understand
+ Learn to be like a human being
+ Use their needles ((from arms and legs)) for attack
+ smooth ((kinda)) Mucus Skin / 4 small horns
+ have Slimy Eggs onto their chest every 5 months
+ they have stingers and their are venomous when they us for defense

They Don't:
+ Eat From their Mouths,they have herbivore teeth((Their not use to it
+ have Paws or Hair
+ have pupils alsoTheir Center Eye don't blink what's so ever
+ sharp teeth
+ private parts
+ Mate or Breed / Genders
+ decompose
+ have tails
+ Powers

Yellow - Uncommon
Green - Common
Orange - Rare

Species Backstory: The ZueVeez are related to aliens, but the Specie's lived in space, another galaxy called "Hegana" where their home wasn't a pleasant as it seems, Some ZueVeez where malicious predators to other friendly kind of ZueVeez that are their Prey, especially their Offspring where eaten by the malicious ones, but then slowly as days flew by they started having Deadly fights from one and another so they started a war from the Peaceful ones to the Hostile ones- but after the war some ZueVeez where perishing after that, others where still alive but them where able to make some kind of UFO ships and leave their Home behind, they didn't wanted to have a extinction bc if that, but even though some Viscous Kind where still alive so they followed them in another UFO SHIPS, but they have been looking through Other planets to find a place to call their new home! Until They found Earth their Lives changed comepletly, When they landed the ZueVeez group separated to explore and live on their own, And they've seen animals and Mammals and other creatures and especially when they saw humans, They started watching them what they do so they started to "Be" Like them! To learn how to speak in their language, And they started to learn from them even dress up like them too! But the Savagely ones landed to earth as well and killing any living thing in their way, Just hope they don't find the others.

+ Do NOT Steal//Copy//Trace//Repost// Or Make Your Own!!
+ ZueVeez Are Owned By Me And Jazzy!
+ Please Do Give A or a to see more art from me and tysm for that peeps!

Well that's it UvU hope ya guys enjoyed it and have a good day and good night!

ZueVeez Are A Closed Species By Me

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