I forgot to upload this- WOOps! AnywaY here's my ZueVeez Oc of mine! And yess soon after my Ocs Reference Sheets I might do ZueVeez Gifts for some peeps- and the customs will be open aT Spring break! So ya better have patience MkaY thanks for listening! QVQ and I'll do a proper ref of Morgan soon- probablynot- NOWW HEREs some InfO hope ya like them!

Name: Morgan
Species: ZueVeez
Age: ???
Sex: unknown
Gender: Nonbinary
S/O: Pan
((Call them/they))
Crush: None rn
Taken: nOpe
Shippable: Yesh
((who says an alien can't be shippable ;^> ))
Personality: Kind,Very Curious
Voice/Theme Song: https://youtu.be/vHR4oOIcVZo

Likes: Oldies Music, Books, exploring, Humans, Sweaters, Liquids, Other kind Creatures, Veggies/Fruits, plants, Forests/Parks, Petting them, Learning new things, Radios/Vintage Cameras, Lasers

Dislikes: eating Meat, Predators, Candy, Weapons, Shoes/Head accessories, Fire, being Rude, peopleJudging them, others Pulling their antennas, Hostile creatures, Fighting, showing their stomachs mouth, pinching them

+ Oc I own Morgan!
+ Do NOT make A ZueVeez Oc Or Steal//Copy//Trace//Repost Or Claim!!
+ ZueVeez Specie's JazzyKins and I own!!
+ If your going to do Fan art, Please credit me! Ty!
+ Please Do Give A or a to see more art from me and tysm for that peeps!

Well that's it UvU hope ya guys enjoyed it and have a good day and good night!

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