So this is evidence of my procrastination for 7 whole hours..
Anyways, this is just pretty much what would happen if my brain threw up. Everything I think about (almost) is in here!
I worked hard on the whole of the picture, but not on details, if that makes sense. Zooming is neat.
Critique me please!
Ahhh!! Such an awesome surprise to wake up to a feature!!! Thank you times a million to Mark for featuring me!
Also thank you for the comments and everything, you guys are so insanely encouraging and supportive.
Ok I'm literally screaming why are you all this nice to me you need to quit
Thank you for voting for me in the compo, I could've never imagined placing. I am so happy and lucky to be apart of the sc community. My smile won't go away and I'm pretty sure half of the people seeing me right now think I'm crazy lol..

Also! There are so many drawings out there on the compo page that are absolutely amazing and didn't place, go check em out! So many awesome artists that get overlooked!!

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