Let me tell you all a story...
Once upon a time at 10:00pm last night, Trees was awake making a video for her beloved fans on YouTube. Trees was recording a speedpaint of this very drawing. In total, it took her an hour and twenty minutes to create this masterpiece. She added music to the finally-complete speedpaint and exported it to her photo library. She was so excited for her fans to see her art and how hard she worked on it! But alas, the speedpaint was not there, where it should have been...In her photo library.
She didn't understand. She does not have many pictures on her device and only two short videos, under three minutes each, and still has plenty of storage left so how come it did not save like the message said it did? She was devastated by the event and can no longer get that footage back.
Because she was not active on her YouTube channel, all of her fans left her and now she is alone.
The End.

Thanks for the heart () 🕯🎄ᴠᴀɴɴᴀ🎄🕯!

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