Canine Distemper is a lethal virus that attacks a very wide but very specific range of wildlife. It centers around the animal's urogenital, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems, invoking a psychotic range of effects. This virus is also known as Hardpad Disease, due to the odd thicken in the pawpads and nose during infection. It starts out as a week long fever of about 103 degrees Fahrenheit. After a few days break, this fever renews with eye and nose discharge. The animal will soon begin to hack, sneeze, vomit, and loose apatite. The animal will become exhausted, and exhibit anorexia. 80% of the pups infected with this virus strain die, whilst less than 50% of the adults meet the same kind of fate. All animals who share a weaker immune system die within 5 weeks of initial infection. At its worst, the virus enflames the brain and spinal cord, and the animal will succumb to violent seizures, muscle spasms, motor control loss, and earlier stages known as "chewing gum fits". The animal will become horribly weak, and unable to walk properly, most likely lay on the ground as its body convulses, or stagger around in lopsided circles.

There is no known cure.

I recently was scrolling through Wikipedia and found a video of an Italian Wolf found in a building that was far too gone to even remotely help, and just,, I know it seems dark, but it inspired me into making this. Distemper definitely needs to be noticed. If you suspect your pet may have it even in the slightest, please, taking your animal to a vet immediately. Do. Not. Hesitate.

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