Drawn for the Folds in Fashion challenge

Thank you so much for the hearts πŸ’•
MaggyC πŸ’•
Fire Dove πŸ’•
Hilly SW πŸ’•
Twinee1 πŸ’•
Phoenixkat πŸ’•
Jan🌻 πŸ’•
Pili πŸ’•
Kay K πŸ’•
Reggie πŸ’•
Hawaiian Misty (Pam πŸ’•
Mimi πŸ’•
Joy πŸ’•
Sleepy Pastels πŸ’•
Arnie2two😊 πŸ’•
Ruscifi πŸ’•
Charmayos πŸ’•
Kat πŸ’•

Wow! Thank you so much to the Fashion & Beauty group for featuring this sketch! β€οΈπŸ’•

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Challenge: Free Draw Friday

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