Cubism meets Impressionism

⭐️ A huge thank you for the feature, Joy. There is no greater honor than to be featured by one of my favorite artists!

❤ Thank you Joy for the heart!!!
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Compo invite; Fine Art Mashup!
+ Combine 2 or more styles of ANY the following art movements;
Expressionism, Impressionism, Cubism,
Pointallism, Pop Art, any style of Abstract,
Renaissance, Art Deco, Realism,
Baroque, Folk, Gothic,
Minimalistic, Op Art, Surrealism, or Fantasy.
+ Can be any subject
+ Original work
+ Done entirely in Sketch Club, no image loads
+ 2 entries allowed
+ You can find definitions of all these art styles and more at the Wiki page

🤞 Wish me luck on getting this compo selected. It would be a great exercise and lesson in the Arts!!

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