4 hours?!?!? Dang, but it's really cool to me!

Thank you all so much again for 60 FLIPPIN FANS! That's a whole lotta people to like my art, and that is pretty cool in my opinion. Everytime I'd reach a milestone, my mother says "you're more famous now" . So, the people in this are Quill, ShinyJasmine, Sage, Maddiedoesart, and Akemi.

Also I've hidden these things in the sketch, find em' and you'll get a prize!

Star- I will leave a on one of your sketches I like.~Sage~
:3 - Co-op! You make it, I'll do my part!
:T - art Trade! I'll draw one of your Oc's, you draw one of mine! ~Akemi~
Lol- I'll draw you a pfp .w.

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