-This is MY OC
-I made all of this in SC
-Do not: Copy, trace, re-make, re-post, or claim my art. That is called Art theft and you could get banned.
-Please t lol me IMMEDIATELY if someone so le my artwork! Don't hesitate!
- Time: 58 Minutes

Thanks Mads for th custom OC! I love her! As you can see, I made her another outfit, and changed her colors around and added some freckles. Hope that's fine with you!

I am really proud of this! This is my 2nd lineless art EVER (that I remember) I actually hope this could get a feature BUT, it won't... Sadly... Probably...

Thanks for the hearts! (If I get any that is)

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Created with an iPad Mini 2
Uploaded 2017-03-19 23:33:15.335400
Tagged ipad
Challenge: Pastel

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