You might ask..

"What's a singaling?"

You didn't?
Well, I'm telling you anyway!

A singaling is an animal with the personality traits being the the songs you like. A singalings traits can be, any kind of genre of music.
They are usually based off singers, songs, or even albums!
Singalings have been around as long as most mythical creatures have.

Singalings can disappear if you..
~ don't get them tuned ( they need tuned every year.)
• abuse them
~ are mean to them.

By disappear, I mean in thin air.

Singalings need tuned because there voices can get wonky, or they'll sing music You hate.
They liked to be treated human, and speak any language you can think of!
Even Latin!

They mostly have notes on the ear.
The higher the note, the higher the pitch.
The lower the note, lower the pitch.

The ups and downs.

• kawaii
•are very kind
•sing well
• super funny
• smart
• love cuddles!!

• need tons of sleep
• need tuned

Singalings fur can very.
Some look like sheets of paper,
While some look like singers,
Or have colors or shapes of a song there based off.=20

They can be any animal, if there fish...
They can sing in water!


Singalings? Where can I get one?

Your lucky im here ya know.
Jokes, I'm a really kind person.
I am not like other people with species.
You need my permission if you wanna make a singaling.
I am not mean, like I said.
But if you have stolen art or anything on your account, my answer is no.
If you are a bully, singalings don't want that, my answer is no.
I also make draw to attempts, and one will be posted right after this.
If you don't want to be pressured making a singaling, I suggest you go for the draw to attempts.

You can't steal or base your entire idea off my singaling!

Her name is "Petra" and she likes pop-rock!
She is based off a simple piece of paper.

You can use my draw to attempt as a ref, but if I say no (and I have eyes at the back of my head)
my answer is NO.


~ be stolen by me
~ have stolen ideas by me.
~ traced

I love ya guys!
And I hope you like singalings!
They love you if you love them!
~ Madison

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