I did not get informs on lunars point of veiw and this may be deleted after her veiwing.
This is a very scary story not only for lunar, but for me as well.

Sorry for the effortless drawing.

Once upon a time,
Lunar was streaming.
Lunar and I are very good friends.
She was drawing, and we were chatting.
Another girl came on, it was good.
The other girl left.
Me and lunar were all fine until what seems to be a sketch club police arrived.
I thank sketch club for the amazing community, but this was very scary. Lunar was maybe accused for something, I will not share what happened after that.
I said after the stream, "you ok?" All she said was " I may not be on this account."

I'm freaking scared as heck, and
Lunar if your reading this.
I'm here for you.
And will delete this if necessary.

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