This is a fab! Dta I wanted too do I fell in love with her not just because of her looks but because has esteemed to have so much personality in her.

This is my dta, and my Ota is 1 heart +1 Bust.

Backstory: she loved with her two brothers her mom and her dad, they were really poor and her father would comeback everyday looking so dead and tired. He couldn't take it anymore all the stress, one day when they were sitting at the table he collapsed an tragicly passed away. Shi was forced to take over the fathers role and adapted, but along the way got a cocky attitude and eventually was forced to leave. She left home with a heavy load, knowing all her family hated her. She decided too fight in the wars that were ahead and "not look back" but she always looks back and cries with a heavy heart. She has meet a couple of friends but she keeps them at a distance just in case, because she does not want to hurt them.

The reason why I chose this as my background was because she really adores flowers, before she was forced out of her home her mother would keep dyed flowers at her kitchen table. She would always over water them and the would die, but it made her mom happy and Shi was happy too.

Hope I get this lil. Bab thanks

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