As a young kid Mayvis was bullied. For the reason he always did bad in school, but sometimes got the rare decent grade. Mayvis never told his parents nor anyone that he was bullied for he was scared if the bullies found out they would beat him to death. Therefore he kept it a secret. When Mayvis would come home with cuts and bruises his parents asked what happened but he'd always say it was little rough playing sports. As Mayvis neared high school things got hard for him. The bullying got worse Mayvis had a social media account at this time so he was mostly cyber bullied but would sometimes be pushed into the lockers.

Mayvis had a very hard time now suffering with depression. His parents worried about him, but he never told him what was wrong. Most of the time when he's home he's on his phone checking his social media always getting death threats, but he doesn't care. As highschool went by Mayvis got to feeling worse and worse eventually started cutting hiding the scars from his parents. When Mayvis birthday ((turning 17)) neared his parents let him do whatever he wanted since it was a school day he decided to stay home.

He knew he would miss a lot in school but he didn't care
For he didn't want to deal with all the sh!t that would happen there. Birthdays passed like his mother causing crippling depression he decided to move out. Now 20 moving into a new apartment he would try and not be so lazy, sad, and stressed.

He decided one day he needed to go shopping for some food ((very unhealthy food)) he met a nice lamb named Sytry. He hadn't talked to someone in so long he was very uncomfortable. Sytry asked about what flowers he should get Mayvis knew he couldn't help with that but he tried anyways, but in the end he made a new friend that he can spend his loneliest moments with. Seeing he found someone to be happy with.. < 3

Mayvis belongs to: Me
Sytry belongs to: Genji
Mmmmmm now that's a backstory
I haven't wrote one in so long so it's probably sloppy
Mm my writing isn't that good

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