DTA attempt for ☀️👒Cielito👒☀️ , hope you like it! I did this mostly on a paper and added the outfit digitally, which is why it looks out of place. I'm really proud of this and I hope I get her, I have some big plans for her if I do!

Info for if I get her;
Name: Mesi
Age: anyhwhere from 500 to 2000 yrs
Personality: calm and collected, goes with the flow of things and is good at giving advice. Also good at listening to others and a loyal friend. Can be shy and rude to strangers, as well as too emotional during times.
Background: was created as a water sprite, and raised in a gulf not too far from the shore. When she was young, she would often swim near the humans, observing them. Over time, the humans polluted and trashed the gulf so much that she was forced to retreat farther into the ocean. Feeling rejected by the humans, she became bitter towards them and vowed never to make contact with them again of any kind. She was alone and scared for a long time. Years later, she was taken in by a minor sea god who invited her to stay with his sisters as his servant and companion. Rejoiced that she finally had a place to be, she has served at his side ever since.

Thanks for the precious 💜Naoki💜

- don't steal my art please
- have a snazzy day/night

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