My vision of spring, a riot of color after months of white and grey.We had 18" of snow on April 1st so Spring cannot get here soon enough.
All original.
Thanks so much to FireDove for the gift of a treasured ❤!
Orville, your wonderful ❤is deeply appreciated!
DesertRose, I am grateful for your kind act of a ❤!
Wind dancer, I appreciate the ❤you so kindly gave to this sketch!
GeorgiaLee, another generous ❤! So kind!
Hawaiian Misty your ❤is treasured!
Reggie, thanks sweetest friend, for a ❤ to warm my ❤!
A big thanks to Marcia Wegmann for your ❤️ !
Thanks, also to Char for the gift of your ❤️,

GailSU, Joy, SheridainCain, Celeste Anleu, Oblio, and Bailey336: I am grateful for each of your❤️S but mostly for your support and treasured friendship.

To have this sketch featured was a wonderful surprise and an honor. I must thank my phenomenal watercolor painting teacher for everything she has taught me that made this sketch possible.

OH MY GOSH!!! I am so amazed and happy that this one first place in the watercolor group's spring flower challenge! Thank you all for voting for this sketch! It feels fantastic to have used techniques that I have learned in my watercolor painting class to create a sketch I really love in SketchClub.

I am so honored by and grateful for all of you who voted for my sketch! You gave me the best end of semester gift ever!

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