Rembrandt reproduction for the Bristle Brush challenge

Thank you so much for the sweet comments and a special thanks to
Snowwhite❤️Melanie, Joy, Georgia Lee, Deb, Shirlart, Pili, Sheridan Cain, Marisa F, BrianD, 🌜MoonDoc, Fire Dove, and MaineGal!

Thank you so much for featuring this, Fire Dove! I don't know why, but feel like I'm in my element when doing an Old Master reproduction. Feels like I may have lived before as a classic artist. Nothing else I attempt feels as natural to me. Thank you all so much for the very sweet comments, and especially the hearts. I'm honored.

More hearts! Thank you so much!
MaggyC, 🎠🗽Icy🎨🎸, Hawaiian Misty (Pam, Angie, Ruscifi, Mimi, Linda S, Arnie2two😊, Reggie, Charmayos, Kat, Twinee1! OregonHere, Fran D Sena, Paco, Krisse vans Kenner, Char, Obilio, and Zippi!

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