Name: Howdy
(no other names because I don't really care)
Gender: Female and straight
Species: Human
Loves: CATS! (she wore metal cat ears from 6th grade through high school)
Age: 18 (why not?)
Pesonality: she is a very realistic person, clever, and chill
Backstory: (she has a good one) Howdy was named "Howdy" because her mom always overused that greeting and her parents wanted to be "original". She was loved by her parents and she would do her best to satisfy them, however her parents got a divorce when she was 4. After a few years of her life she couldn't see her mother any more, she lost. Her mom, fighting, started to straighten out their lives and soon Howdy saw her mother again. At 9 she looked back at her life and it was a dark and gloomy, however she remebers happy moments before the divorce. She also put on a "fake face" through all those years, and because of that she was diagnosed with type one diabetes at 10 years old (a prediction). Dealing with diabetes she learned to take her own shots and take care of herself, she learned a bit of responsibility, she became independent. She barely sees her mom who lives 3 hours away. Her mother now has heart pain because of 2 heart attacks and works the night shift at a hospital as a nurse. Howdy at age11 was in middle school and her straight A's slipped into A's and B's and she som she failled tests. Middle school was rough. When she entered high school she fixed her grades and became a better student, she also fixed her life and became a better person. However she easily feels guilty for things that happen so she still had those "OMG no!" moments. Howdy then went to college for architecture and wanted to design buildings, cities, and design lanscapes. There in college she met a ton of friends. This is where she is right now so I can't tell you what haopens next.
Me: I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! So that is actually my story but except the high school part... I can't say I had a rough life because some people have it worse, I miss my mom though.

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