The more you read about this, the more fascinating!!

just a tidbit about this man:

Thomas Chippendale (1718 - 1779) was born in Otley in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England in June 1718. He became a cabinet-maker in London, designing furniture in the mid-Georgian, English Rococo, and Neoclassical styles. In 1754 he published a book of his designs, titled The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director, upon which success he became renowned. The designs are regarded as reflecting the current British fashion for furniture of that period and are today reproduced globally. He was buried 16 November 1779, according to the records of St Martin-in-the-Fields, in the cemetery since built upon by the National Gallery. Chippendale furniture is highly valued; a padouk cabinet that came up for auction by Christies in 2008 sold for £2,729,250 (USD 5,324,763).

additional info:

Many fine pieces of furniture have been attributed to Thomas Chippendale, but verifiable pieces are rare. Chippendale never employed a maker’s mark, so the only method of establishing his authorship is to find one of his original bills, usually preserved among estate papers, or equivalent documentation.

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