Loving this lil guy

Name- Akita (might change to milo??)
Personality- 100% done, sarcastic/blunt, acts like they don't care but they do. He can go from serious to derp in the blink on an eye. he loves his friends
Gender/Pronouns- He/They
Job- I'm gonna say he hunts for the pack he is in. sorry if it doesn't count as a job.
Accessories- I gave him a neat tattoo on his left arm. a lil sign of how much of a rebel he thinks he is.

hope I get this lil dude!
I tried to do the lighting a lil different, haven't done it in a while

check out Spooked art they have an adorable style.

really hope I get this guy, one of my favourite designs!

To see the DTA: follow this link: http://app.sketchclub.com/sketch/10822237

ahhh omg thanks for the heart!
Irish Patsy

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