my sister posted some of my drawings without my permission
tagged me when I've said a million times I do not want to be tagged
I asked her to delete the post
of course she's saying no

not even my mother, who pretends to understand my anxiety, told her to delete it
she just said to remove the tag

without my permission.. my voice was urgent.. how isn't this serious?
just about all the people she knows follow her on her Instagram, and I am extremely frustrated and overwhelmed right now.
Like, there are many adults that I wouldn't want to see my Instagram, because
1. I don't want them to bring up how "great" my drawings look next time I see them and
2. um I have a mental disorder called anxiety and nobody cares

also all of the dogs are barking nonstop and my sister is playing piano horribly and I'm having a major sensory overload right now

let me cry in peace please

also sorry for the horrible drawing, I spent like no time on it and it was rushed just so I could say something..so I could complain

I'm pathetic

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