who even started the stupid trend of calling literally everything edgy i swear it bugs me so much
someone doodls a vent art????? thats super edgy lol
someone is cutting????????? try giving them better ways of feeling good than that ur not helping by making fun of it
i dont expect a lot of people to make fun of this stuff irl but it does happen dude
like when kids in my school made fun of my friends scars?????? not ok whats wrong with you thats not funny
and its really hard to rant about this bc u cant expect people to not make jokes about this stuff bc now its just part of society which is rly sad
i sweAR whats wrong with people

also sorta unrelated but pls dont get slightly bothered by smth and say "omg im so ocd!!"
excuse u
i mean i dont know what ocd feels like but im pretty sure it involves way more than just cleaning stuff
and heck man i heard someone in school say what they thought it meant and they just
"overly clean disorder"
no!! its!! "obsessive compulsive disorder"!!!!!! just bc u like ur books stacked by colors in ur room doesnt mean u have a disorder jesus christ
like sure it can involve that but theres probably a ton of mood stuff too

summary of this description: why are people stupid now

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