The 1877 Tall Ship Elissa is a 3 masted iron hulled sailing ship, built in 1877 in Aberdeen Scotland. From her stern to the tip of the jibbon she measures 205 feet and is 99ft 9inches at the main mast. Unlike some of the tall ships today, Elissa is not a replica but a survivor. Over her 90 year commercial history she carried a variety of cargoes to ports around the world. She was rescued from the scrap yard at the Port of Piraeus Greece by a variety of ship preservationists who refused to let her die.
Today Elissa is much more than an artifact from a bygone era. She is a fully functional vessel and continues to sail annually during the sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico. She is docked at Pier 21 in Galveston, Tx at the Texas Seaport Museum. You can board her and explore this Tall Ship of Texas and learn of her colorful and rich history. She is indeed beautiful and impressive and I have seen her many times.

Thank You for your wonderful gift of a beautiful for my sketch of Elissa . I love going to visit this ship when we are in Galveston and I loved sharing her with you!!

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