Now, I know the hand's shading is really weird, and that it's overall really horribly drawn, but I was just experimenting.

Not to sound too stereotypically emo, it was actually hard for me to think of a truly happy memory. I asked myself "what makes me happy?" then I thought, well, twenty one pilots.
So the moment I discovered them is one of my happiest moments. I don't care if Stressed Out was the first of their songs that I ever heard.
Sure, it's overplayed, but it's also underrated, if you understand what I mean. Almost the whole clique complains about how people who aren't in the clique play it way too much and don't really listen to the lyrics. Honestly, I couldn't care less. It's their loss.

When I first heard Stressed Out, I wondered how I'd never heard it before, and there was just something different about this song, from any other song I'd ever heard. Then I checked out Guns For Hands. Loved it, too. Holding Onto You, Ode to Sleep, Lane Boy, Screen, etc.
Then I just got all of their music and put the playlist on repeat until I memorized all of the lyrics.
They make me happier, to know that I'm not the only one I know; I'm not alone with these dark thoughts.

The image in the WIPs is a closer look of the screencap I drew.

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