title in all caps so people read it
dont say retard
its fine if u didnt know what it meant so u picked it up from other kids at school
but fun fact it doesnt mean stupid
it refers to people with mental conditions
like hey dude
u see people saying the n word and making fun of cancer so why is saying retard any better than that
my cousin with autism is actually pretty cool
hes just different and has trouble being social
like please never relate people with mental conditions and people that are stupid t h a n k s
for example: haha youre a retard
surprise i just said you have a mental condition
but made it sound really negative because people with mental conditions are obviously stupid (theyre not)
and like
when i explained to some kids at school that my brother has autism they thought it was funny somehow
dude if i said they have lots of difficulty speaking to other people and learning would it still be as funny

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